Tweya calls for affordable network services

27 Aug 2015 17:30pm
WINDHOEK, 27 AUG (NAMPA) – Information and Communication Technology Minister, Tjekero Tweya has called on the Board of Directors of Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) and the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) to render quality and affordable services to all Namibians.
Tweya made the call while introducing the board of directors of the two entities here on Thursday.
He noted that their role is to provide quality network service and other services to their customers at an affordable rate.
The minister tasked the board of directors to provide 100 per cent network coverage within the next 18 months or less.
“I am not interested to hear from anybody how expensive it is to provide network services in the country. However, everyone is required to have a licence to operate in order to protect our customers,” Tweya said.
MTC's board of directors are Tulimeke Maria Wayera Munyika as chairperson, while Asser Ntinda, Alisa Amupolo, and Marius Kudumo will serve as board members.
CRAN's board members are Lazarus Jacobs as chairperson, while Frieda Naapopye Kishi, Edwin Beukes, Kaunapawa Mufeti and Tylvas Shilongo will serve as board members.
Meanwhile, Tweya announced the Cabinet's endorsement of the appointment of new Chief Executive Officer of CRAN, Festus Mbandeka who will serve for the next five years.
Mbandeka's appointment will be effective from September 2015.
The post was left vacant after the death of CRAN board member and Acting Chief Executive Officer, Hilma Hitula in April this year.
Hitula was acting after the resignation of Stanley Shanipanda in July 2014, who resigned to begin his doctorate at the University of New South Wales in Australia.
Tweya also took the opportunity and called on Namibian journalists to report factual and objectively, and avoid misleading the nation.
He was reacting to the article carried in the ‘Namibian’ newspaper on Thursday titled “Ceremonial burial for Lubowski-Tweya”.
The minister dismissed the report that claims he said “the reburial of Anton Lubowski at Heroes’ Acre on Wednesday was ceremonial.”
Tweya said he was also misquoted saying that Lubowski's actual reburial would be done at a later date, even though he could not provide the reason.
The remains of Lubowski, Peter Mweshihange and Moses //Garoëb were reburied at the national shrine outside Windhoek in commemoration of Heroes’ Day on 26 August.
“We need factual information. If the country turns into anarchy, many people will loose their jobs,” he said.