Donations pour in for woman with quadruplets

27 Aug 2015 10:40am
RUNDU, 27 AUG (NAMPA) – Donations are pouring in for Agnes Kasanga, who gave birth to quadruplets at the Rundu State Hospital last Friday.
Three local businesses at Rundu responded to the appeal for assistance by the young mother who hails from a village in the Ncamagoro Constituency of the Kavango West Region.
Ncamagoro is located 45 kilometres south-west of Rundu on the Rundu-Grootfontein road.
The Rundu-based companies who handed over the donations on Tuesday are Namibia Investment Contract, Gaga Investment and Armstrong Construction.
Co-owner of Namibia Investment Contacts Joseph Hungamo donated N.dollars 5 000 in cash and pledged to donate baby formula to the value of N.dollars 1 000 every month until the babies, all of whom are boys, are one year old.
Hungamo called on other business people to also come forth and assist the 24-year-old Kasanga as he said it will not be easy for her to raise the babies alone.
The father of the babies is said to be in the south of Namibia, where he works on a grape farm. He is from the same village as Kasanga.
“In our eyes they are not her children alone, but those of Namibia. Babies are expensive, especially when there is more than one,” he said.
Owner of Gaga Investment Sam Pereirra said the aim of his assistance is to give back to the community.
“We heard that quadruplets were delivered in our hospital by a young mother and she is unemployed,” he stated.
Gaga Investment donated blankets, clothes and bottles to the value of N.dollars 1 500, while Armstrong Construction donated N.dollars 5 000.
More donations from business people and members of the community are expected to pour in for the young unemployed mother.