Prosperity is not realised without work ethics: Noa

10 Aug 2013 03:10
MARIENTAL, 10 AUG (NAMPA) - Namibia needs every citizen to make a tangible contribution to economic development, but in order to realise that dream trained personnel are needed to pursue available opportunities in the country, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chief has said.
Speaking during the Women’s Action for Development (WAD) graduation ceremony here on Thursday, ACC Director Paulus Noa said the country is endowed with many opportunities which can be explored, especially by the youth who are the backbone of the future development of Namibia.
“They are the future national leaders of this country, the catalysts for economic innovation without whom Namibia cannot take pride in herself.
We take pride in our youth, while at the same time they must be encouraged to participate in technical training and make a contribution to the economy,” he said.
Noa added that the youth is ushered with new opportunities in their future endeavours, but in order to succeed and make a positive contribution to the economy, they must have discipline and confidence in themselves as young citizens of Namibia.
He then urged WAD students to make use of the knowledge they have acquired to the fullest.
“You can only achieve your set goals when efforts you make in your business venture are characterised by ethics, discipline and determination. Prosperity is not realised where there is no commitment to work ethics. This is the reality whether you are self-employed or in private enterprises or in public service,” he noted.
According to Noa, corruption prevention is the essential requirement for the promotion of good governance and economic growth.
He said the ACC is, therefore, mandated not only to investigate allegations of corrupt practices but also to promote economic and social values by educating the public on the insidious effects of corruption.
“You, the graduates have also a role to play in preventing corruption and in the process promote integrity and ethical values,” he stressed.
Noa indicated that Namibia can only prosper when the nation makes concerted efforts to become innovative and dynamic enough to improve the living conditions many people find themselves in.
The first priority in achieving this goal is human development, he stressed.
“To the graduates, you have been equipped with relevant skills. Make use of the skills you gained to the best you can to improve your livelihoods. Let us all make contributions in our small way to reduce unemployment and poverty in our country. The destiny of our country is in our own hands,” said Noa.
Meanwhile, 130 students graduated after receiving training in different disciplines here over the past few months.
The training included computer literacy, office administration, hospitality and tailoring.
A total of 40 community members and police officers from the town also received training in gender-related laws and aspects of the Namibian Constitution.