ELCIN launches Diakonia Strategic Plan

10 Aug 2013 03:00
ONIIPA, 10 AUG (ANMPA) - Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development Minister Major-General Charles Namoloh on Friday officially launched a five-year strategic plan of the Diakonia and Social Services Unit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) at Oniipa in the Oshikoto Region.
Speaking during the launch, Namoloh, who was the guest of honour, called on the leadership of ELCIN to ensure that they implement their strategic plan and to effect change in the Namibian society.
Namoloh viewed a strategic plan without implementation as “fail to plan or plan to fail”.
“It will be a vision without vision if there is no implementation of your draft strategic plan,” the minister emphasised.
He commended the leadership of ELCIN for coming up with a strategic plan aimed at addressing the challenges the Namibian society is facing.
Namoloh, at the same time, appealed to the church to extend its counseling services to those who have been traumatised by the then war of the struggle for the liberation of the country.
Speaking at the same event, councillor John Shiindi of the Oniipa Constituency said ELCIN strives to meet the government halfway by coming up with an initiative for the benefit of the society.
“We are an independent nation for 23 years now, but we have not yet done much on our economy,” Shiindi stated.
The Director of the ELCIN Diakonia and Social Services Department, Reverend Gerson Neliwa told the launch gathering that after the Church Council of ELCIN endorsed the strategic plan, his department decided on 25 May this year for it to be launched also this year.
Neliwa said the plan seeks to contribute towards creating a just society, through provision of services which enables communities to be self-sustainable.
“The department of Diakonia and Social Services (DDSS)’s mission is to implement and coordinate diaconal services as mandated by ELCIN in a holistic manner, serving the Namibian poor, vulnerable and marginalised,” Neliwa explained.
He went on to say counseling, training, health services and advocacy in community development are his unit’s areas of service.
Presiding Bishop of ELCIN, Dr Shekutaamba Nambala and Bishop Josaphat Shanghala of the ELCIN Western Diocese also attended the launch.