Condom supply falls short

August 24, 2015, 5:05am
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Condom supply falls short

Johannesburg - The Gauteng health department on Sunday admitted they were left hanging after overseas condom suppliers failed to deliver. The department said in a statement the fluctuating exchange rate was to blame, as that affected obtaining supplies from overseas service providers.

Now they are encouraging local companies to rise to the occasion and deliver the goods to help alleviate the pressure.

The department said about 80% of its goods and services, including surgical gloves, bandages and condoms, were imported.

However, the department was looking to see if local companies could prove they had the capacity to provide the volume of goods needed.

"We are convinced this will alleviate this unnecessary pressure," said departmental spokesperson Steve Mabona in a statement.

The DA earlier said the Gauteng health department ran short of several million condoms earlier this year.

"Instead of 58 million condoms being distributed in the first quarter of the 2015/16 financial year, which covers April to June, only 42 million were distributed,” said MP Jack Bloom in a statement.

"Prevention of HIV/Aids is a top priority, so the condom supply problem should be fixed as soon as possible."