Walvis community gives towards Mayoral Fund

23 Aug 2015 13:40pm
WALVIS BAY, 23 AUG (NAMPA) - More than N.dollars 745 000 was used to help victims of shack fires and assist in the education and health of other needy people.
Walvis Bay Mayor Uilika Nambahu said this on Saturday when she gave feedback to the public on how funds raised towards the Mayoral Fund in 2014 were used.
Speaking during the 2015 Mayoral Fundraising gala dinner in Walvis Bay, Nambahu said she is providing feedback to the community in an effort to be transparent and encourage business owners and individuals to continue supporting the fund, and help the poor people in the community.
“The overwhelming support to the fund demonstrates the spirit of ubuntu (togetherness). It is a sign that we do not draw comfort from living lavishly while others suffer,” she said.
The mayor added that most of the money raised was used to pay for funeral costs of fire victims, buy food, blankets and building materials for the more than 200 residents of the Kuisebmund residential area who lost their lives and property in shack fires in the town since last year.
Some of the money was directed towards the education and training of previously disadvantaged children; facial surgeries; and agricultural projects aimed at growing food for the community.
During the pledging ceremony on Saturday, Walvis Bay businessman John Savva again gave back to the community by availing the highest amount of N.dollars 50 000.
He gave the same amount last year plus a plot worth N.dollars 400 000 which was auctioned and the money thereof deposited into the Mayoral Fund.
The second highest amount of N.dollars 30 000 came from the EBH Company, followed by Namport and other companies that gave more than N.dollars 20 000 each.
Apart from the cash donations, there was also the auction of paintings, bottles of wine and cameras.
This brings the amount pledged towards the fund on Saturday to more than N.dollars 300 000, but the exact amount will be provided to the public on Monday after all monies are counted.
The municipality assured that the money will be used to help more than 100 people who lost their belongings, homes and other properties in a shack fire on Tuesday.
A total of 26 shacks caught fire at the Namport suburb and the Tutaleni informal settlement in the Kuisebmund residential area of Walvis Bay, supposedly from a faulty electrical plug.