Women are not invitees on this planet, they belong here: WAD

09 Aug 2013 11:30
MARIENTAL, 09 AUG (NAMPA ) - The Women's Action for Development (WAD) organisation has appealed to Government to legally enforce Swapo’s 50/50 representation decision, and that parties which fail to comply with the new legislation should be disqualified from participating in the 2014 Presidential elections.
“The subject of a 50/50 representation of the genders at party level has been debated for many years, but this is the first time that a firm resolution in this regard has been taken by a political party.
WAD has no doubt that the decision will eventually introduce a renewed interest among women to get involved in party-political party, and eventually decision-making positions,” WAD’s Executive Director Veronica de Klerk said on Thursday.
Speaking at the WAD Field Day here, De Klerk noted that women have a valuable contribution to make, and should no longer be denied that right as fellow Namibians and voters of this country.
She stated that now is the time for women to stand together, support one another, vote for one another, respect one another, and not to make themselves guilty of jealousy, gossiping and pulling one another down because the longer women make themselves guilty of these unacceptable actions, the longer men will continue to rule on their own.
“The forthcoming national elections during 2014 are at our doorstep - there is no time to waste. WAD, therefore, appeals to all capable and talented women to step forward now to start undergoing training to prepare themselves to run for public office, and to prepare themselves for leadership roles on all levels of Government,” she added.
De Klerk then issued an invitation to all women with natural leadership skills to register themselves with the WAD’s head office in Windhoek for such training, free of charge, in order to prepare themselves to run for public office in the forthcoming national elections in 2014, and in so doing, to prepare themselves for leadership roles.
She added that women are not invitees on this planet as they belong here, and have the right to be here.