Enjoy Sparkling Water and So Much More Right from Your Refrigerator Door

August 21, 2015, 8:30am

Enjoy Sparkling Water and So Much More Right from Your Refrigerator Door

Samsung’s World First Sparkling Refrigerator takes innovation to a whole new level


WINDHOEK-Samsung Electronics has announced the world’s first Sparkling Refrigerator to the market, a remarkable new product that offers the unique convenience of fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button right from the refrigerator door.


Michael McKechnie, Head of Digital Appliances, explains that this is a truly innovative new concept. “Samsung not only wants to offer consumers outstanding technology but also amazing experiences. We believe that being able to enjoy the crisp taste of sparkling water any time you walk into the kitchen and at a fraction of the price of bottled sparkling water, achieves both of these objectives,” he says.


He explains that this new Samsung four-door refrigerator uses a 60L* CO2 carbonator that rests in a small, concealed area inside the refrigerator. This compartment makes it easy to access and replace or refill the canister when empty. “The combination of sparkling water with this ground-breaking refrigerator helps to save both money and space while providing the eco-friendly benefit of creating less waste as users will no longer have any plastic sparkling water bottles to dispose of.”


Samsung’s ingenious new Sparkling Refrigerator also offers a number of other advantages. These include:


Sparkling Dispenser

The Sparkling Dispenser not only enables users to choose between three levels of carbonation, it also dispenses fresh, cool still water and ice to further increase refreshment options. This means that consumers will no longer have to spend time running to the shops to buy their bottled water.



Samsung’s new four door style ultra-high capacity refrigerator fits perfectly into any family kitchen. With its stainless steel door and Ice Blue Digital display, the Sparkling Refrigerator is expertly designed both internally and externally to give consumers a sleek seamless finish that blends into every kitchen.




Independent Mid Drawer

The Sparkling Refrigerator boasts an Independent Mid Drawer that enables children to safely access their favourite snacks while simultaneously providing sufficient space for mom to refrigerate items as large as party size platters. The Smart Divider within the Independent Mid Drawer can be conveniently adjusted, allowing food to be sorted and placed according to the needs of the family. The drawer also has various temperature control settings, so whether you’re chilling wine, keeping snacks fresh, or soft-freezing meat, the mid drawer provides the perfect temperature control.


Convenient Usage

The refrigerator contains two easy slide freezer drawers that eliminate having to dig through the icy cold. The top drawer fully extends for effortless access to formerly hard-to-reach food hiding at the back and it also has a large slide-out drawer with a movable divider that allows for easy organisation.


“Samsung continues to look for innovative product solutions that help to support and enrich the daily lives of consumers and we believe that appliances like the Sparkling Refrigerator make life more enjoyable and convenient while complementing the aesthetics of the modern kitchen,” McKechnie concludes.


The Namibian market will receive Samsung’s new Sparkling Refrigerator with a Recommended Retail Price of N$ 48 799.00.