Erongo SPYL suspensions labelled unconstitutional

20 Aug 2015 18:50pm
SWAKOPMUND, 20 AUG (NAMPA) - A high-ranking member of the Swapo leadership in the Erongo Region says the suspension of the party’s youth league secretary and secretary for information, publicity and mobilisation for this region is unconstitutional.
Speaking to Nampa on condition of anonymity due to the immaturity of the matter on Thursday, the regional leader said the suspension of Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Regional Secretary Laina Shapange and Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilisation Manfried Likoro was not done procedurally and as such is not valid.
“The decision to suspend the two is not procedural because according to the information I received, only nine people attended the meeting which suspended the two.
“Another thing is that not all regional districts reached a resolution to suspend Shapange and Likoro, so without that, the suspension cannot be constitutional,” said the source.
Reinhold Shipwikineni replaced Shapange as acting regional secretary, while Sara-Leigh Elago is acting in the position previously occupied by Likoro.
Approached for comment on Thursday, Shapange and Likoro confirmed their suspension by the SPYL’s regional executive committee following a regional executive committee meeting held at Omaruru on Saturday.
“We were not informed of the reasons for our suspension as yet but we have responded that we received the letters and will submit to them what they have requested us.
“As soon as we know why we are suspended we will inform the public,” said Shapange, who refused to say whether party procedures to suspend her were followed or not.
Likoro only said that it is too early to comment, and they prefer following procedures before responding to the media.
On his part, Shipwikineni, who issued the suspension letters, said the committee followed all procedures to suspend the duo.
“The decision was made by the regional executive committee therefore it is constitutional. Whoever thinks it is not, they perhaps do not understand the party constitution,” he said.
Shipwikineni noted that the executive committee will provide reasons for the suspensions very soon.
Though she could not confirm it, Nampa understands that Shapange consulted a lawyer to defend her on allegations that she did not report back to the regional executive on SPYL activities, including financial reports.
A local daily newspaper on Tuesday quoted sources as saying that Shapange has yet to provide a report on how much money was raised during a fund-raising dinner held in September last year.
SPYL Erongo regional coordinator, Philipus Heita on Thursday said Shipwikineni had sent the suspension letters to his email address, but he will not respond to him as his communication only comes from the SPYL head office in Windhoek.
“I do not receive such letters from him. The only time I will be able to allow them to use the office at this building is when I receive an official letter from the SPYL’s head office,” said Heita.