Ekandjo meets with Otjozondjupa youth leaders

20 Aug 2015 11:10am
OTJIWARONGO, 20 AUG (NAMPA) – Minister of Youth, Sport and National Service, Jerry Ekandjo says his ministry has a clear vision for the development of the youth in all of Namibia’s 121 constituencies as from 2016.
The minister said this while engaging in discussions with youth leaders from various constituencies within the Otjozondjupa Region here on Wednesday.
Expressing their needs to the minister, the representatives of various youth organisations in the region’s Otavi, Okakarara, Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, Tsumkwe, Omatako and Grootfontein constituencies asked Ekandjo to avail funds. These funds would go towards the construction of sports facilities, youth offices, vocational training centres and serve as starting capital once they complete youth training programmes.
Patience Gaweses and Jeremy Somseb from Otjiwarongo both asked Ekandjo to also consider providing land to youth groups on where they could do poultry and crop farming.
Somseb asked the youth minister to see to it that Government’s catering and hospitality tenders are given to young people with knowledge in the constituencies and regions.
The 26-year-old Angelica Lopez from Grootfontein’s youth forum asked Ekandjo to provide the youth there with a leisure centre.
On his part, Ekandjo said his ministry has a clear vision for the development of young people all over Namibia as from 2016.
“During our 2016/2017 financial year we will start to budget for the construction of youth vocational training centres all over the constituencies. I have already instructed the office of the Permanent Secretary to determine the total costs for the construction of youth centres where practical training courses could take place,” he said.
The minister added that young Namibians can expect to see youth training centres built in the constituencies, and there training similar to that offered at the National Youth Service centre will be provided.
The Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service is also looking into providing free equipment and tools for young people who graduate from these training centres.
“Our ministry will continue to give out grants ranging between N.dollars 7 000 and N.dollars 50 000 to graduates with good ideas who can create employment for themselves and others,” he said.
Ekandjo added that his ministry will also construct offices that will deal with youth matters, sports activities and youth forum matters in all 121 constituencies.
Prefabricated materials will initially be used to construct the offices, and the buildings will later be upgraded.
Ekandjo further noted that his ministry envisions setting up football fields and constructing courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball and netball.
The minister explained that it is expensive to build a standard sports field, saying that it can cost the ministry up to N.dollars 40 million.
He said constituency and regional youth forums, sports organisations and regional offices of the ministry will as from this year be required to submit their own budgets to his ministry so that they can be included in the ministerial budget.