Kashihakumwa vs Tjivikua on rhino poaching

18 Aug 2015 17:30pm
By Mathias Nanghanda
ONGWEDIVA, 18 AUG (NAMPA) – Commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Anti-Poaching Unit, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa has expressed disappointment with NamPol’s Deputy Inspector-General for Operations’ statement regarding the operation of his team.
Speaking telephonically to Nampa from the Etosha National Park on Monday, Kashihakumwa said Major-General James Tjivikua’s media statement lacks encouragement to his anti-poaching team and is too general.
“I am not happy with his statement, it is hiding the truth and totally a discouragement to me as the commander of the unit and to all my team’s officials,” he said.
Kashihakumwa indicated that Tjivikua’s statement has shown no specific respect to and appreciation of the achievement his anti-poaching team has made since its inception in June this year.
Tjivikua was quoted as saying NamPol’s Anti-Poaching Unit has since June this year arrested a total of 48 people for alleged rhinoceros poaching crimes.
In his statement, Tjivikua noted that all 48 suspected poachers were initially denied bail when they appeared in the Okahao Magistrate’s Court in July 2015 but some of the suspects brought formal bail applications before court and were eventually granted bail.
“In the Etosha National Park, I have visited the officials of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, as well as members of the Namibian Police Force’s Anti-Poaching Unit deployed at the park. They are all well and vigilant. My next step is the visit to Palmweg Conservancy areas as per programme,” Tjivikua explained in his statement.
Kashihakumwa said the NamPol Anti-Poaching Unit was introduced towards the end of last year and his team has managed to arrest suspects and confiscate a total of 66 riffles that were used by the suspects in the commissioning of the poaching crimes.
He demanded to know why senior people should hide the truth, adding that Tjivikua was supposed to be specific and tell the nation that the arrest of the said poachers was as a result of the inception of his anti-poaching team.
“I want the Deputy Inspector-General (Tjivikua) to tell the people what exactly is happening in this anti-poaching operation,” Kashihakumwa stated, adding that Tjivikua is deliberately hiding the truth.
Approached for comment, Tjivikua said it is not true what Kashihakumwa is saying.
“He (Kashihakumwa) is not reporting to you, because as my subordinate, he was supposed to tell me or report to the Inspector-General (Sebastian Ndeitunga) of the Namibian Police Force,” Tjivikua replied.
Kashihakumwa’s three-month anti-poaching operation comes to an end on 31 August this year.