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August 17, 2015, 7:37am

Tender inside trading worries Noa

THE Anti-Corruption Commission has conceded that a galore of complaints about government tenders involve inside trading by officials who use state machinery to benefit their families and cronies.
ACC director Paulus Noa made this remark in a report sent to the Office of the Prime Minister last week in which he recommended that disciplinary action should be taken against the youth permanent secretary, Alfred Ilukena, for dishonesty.
Ilukena was busted at the end of last year for approving a N$47 million contract to a company co-owned by his wife, Wendy Mwange Mwiya, as part of the education ministry's N$3 billion schools food tender.
Noah said corruption in state tenders can be committed during the product design, advertising, invitation to bid, pre-qualification, bid evaluation, post qualification, contract award and contract implementation.
“At each of the aforesaid stages, there are opportunities for corruption if adequate safeguards are not put in place,” he said, adding that the ACC's experience on many cases of alleged corruption in the procurement process related to inside trading.
“This is the abuse of privileged information secured during the course of official duty for gratification,” he said.
According to Noa, this conduct constitutes an offence whereby an “official shares official information with partners, friends, relatives or other associates about the upcoming tenders or contracts and the specifications for the tenders”.
The government has forced civil servants to declare their assets in a new system but it is not clear whether this will stop inside trading.
Shinovene Immanuel

Man had 1,65m tapeworm in tummy

A 34 YEAR-OLD Keetmanshoop resident Jonas Kanute was able to pass a 1,65 metre long parasitic tapeworm after he was treated at the local clinic for abdominal pain and discomfort.

According to Kanute's workmate Robert Elias, he started complaining about abdominal pain and discomfort at work on Thursday after eating 'matangara' (offal) he was given by the owner of the drinking spot he usually patronises.
Elias said people at home gave Kanute cooking oil and then milk to induce vomiting after they observed that his stomach was swelling.
“The milk and cooking oil made Kanute throw up the 'matangara' he had eaten,” Elias said.
Elias said Kanute told them he was feeling much better after throwing up, but some hours later he again complained of the abdominal discomfort and pain.
Elias said Kanute was taken to the local clinic for treatment the next day, and when he went to relieve himself the following morning, he excreted “a thing which looks like a snake”.
“I measured the thing, which was still alive, with a measuring tape and it was 1,65 metres long,” Elias added.
Elias said Kanute put the “strange creature” in a plastic container, and he accompanied him (Kanute) to Keetmanshoop hospital.
“The doctor who had examined Kanute, told us it was a tapeworm,” said Elias, adding that Kanute was discharged after being given treatment.
“The doctor only gave him the same medicine he had been given at the local clinic,” Elias remarked.

Luqman Cloete

I do care, Geingob assures communities


PRESIDENT Hage Geingob says he is often asked why he continues visiting people but still leaves them in poverty.

Geingob toured Zambezi, Kavango East and West regions last week.
“I told them I still visit them because I care,” he said when he launched the first National Dialogue on Poverty in Windhoek on Friday.
Geingob said his visits give him time to listen and that he intended to fulfil the promises he made at his inauguration.
He said town hall meetings will be held in each region for the people to articulate solutions to national issues.
It is through dialogue, he said that Namibians can find solutions on how to redistribute wealth.
“The other aspect we have to consider in our war against poverty is access to land,” he said.
Geingob said land is a tool for empowerment, wealth creation and distribution as well as poverty eradication.

Theresia Tjihenuna

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