Ondonga accuses Oukwanyama of issuing death threats

16 Aug 2015 09:00am
ONAMUNGUNDO, 16 AUG (NAMPA) – The king of the Ondonga tribe, Immanuel Kauluma Elifas and his council claim that their Oukwanyama counterparts have threatened some Ondonga leaders with death because of the ongoing border dispute between the two tribes.
The Ondonga leadership made the accusations at a media briefing held at the Ondonga palace at Onamungundo village in the Oshikoto Region on Thursday.
The Ondonga Traditional Authority’s secretary, Joseph Simaneka Asino read King Elifas’s media statement, in which the accusations were made, during the media briefing.
“The King and his council are hereby expressing disappointment at the threats made by some speakers during a meeting of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority at Okongo village that certain Ondonga traditional leaders will be killed,” he read.
The statement singled out the senior headman of the Ondonga Traditional Authority’s Onalusheshete district, Shondili Amutenya, as apparently being one of the Ondonga leaders on the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority’s hit list.
Elifas and his King’s Council also accused their Oukwanyama counterparts of misleading the inhabitants of the disputed areas by allegedly informing them that the Ondonga Traditional Authority lost the case in the High Court in Windhoek last month.
The two authorities are engaged in a land dispute concerning the border line at Oshuudhiya village in the east of the Ohangwena/Oshikoto regions up to the former Owambo/Kavango border line.
In March 2014 Elifas and Kornelius Mwetupunga Shelungu, the late king of Oukwanyama, signed an agreement aimed at solving the border dispute at Oshakati under the observation of founding President Sam Nujoma.
The agreement stipulated that the northern part of Oshuudhiya will be part of Oukwanyama, and the southern part of Oshuudhiya was placed under the jurisdiction of Ondonga.
The Ondonga Traditional Authority applied to the High Court some three years ago in efforts to get the High Court to declare that the agreement is valid, binding and enforceable. The Oukwanyama authority on the other hand has declared it null and void, arguing that Shelungu was critically ill and frail when the time that the agreement was signed. They say he attended the meeting where the agreement was concluded simply out of respect for Nujoma, and not for negotiations to settle the border dispute.
The case was heard for the first time in the High Court in Windhoek on 18 November 2013 and again on 27 July 2015, when the court removed the case from its roll on the grounds that Ondonga Traditional Authority failed to join all other interested parties to the case.
These parties include the government; the communal land boards for Ohangwena, Oshikoto and Kavango; the Ukwangali Traditional Authority in Kavango; the Council of Traditional Leaders in Namibia, residents and farmers in the disputed areas.
Asino told the media conference at the palace in the presence of Elifas and his wife Secilia on Friday that the Ondonga Traditional Authority is busy joining the interested parties to the case.
“We will re-submit our case to the High Court soon,” he said.
Approached for comment on Saturday, the chairperson of the Oukwanyama Traditional Council, George Nelulu denied that death threats were made during their meeting at Okongo.
The meeting took place on 08 August.
“They have fabricated their claims for reasons only known to them. The message of our leader (Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu) is on record and it was merely to appeal to the community affected by the dispute to remain calm while the court is finalising the case,” he said.