Cultural heritage is a human right: Kashuupulwa

15 Aug 2015 10:50am
OSHAKATI, 15 AUG (NAMPA) – Oshana regional governor Clemens Kashuupulwa says cultural heritage is a human right and everybody in Namibia is entitled to it.
Kashuupulwa said this in a statement read on his behalf by Ongwediva mayor Jason Asino at the official opening of the Oshana Region’s 21st Annual Cultural Festival at Oshakati on Friday.
The governor said it is guaranteed in the Namibian Constitution that every resident in the country shall have the right to be educated and to practice their culture without hindrance.
He pointed out that culture is the most important reservoir of a nation’s identity and, as such, the government puts great emphasis on preserving and promoting it.
Kashuupulwa indicated that those who are promoting the country’s cultural unity in diversity through their talents are shining elements of the Namibian society.
Culture, Kashuupulwa said, teaches Namibians to share social responsibilities such as the joint solving of family problems and difficulties experienced by community members.
“We face an enormous challenge of working hard to revive cultural values and instilling them in the minds of our youngsters,” the Oshana regional governor said in his statement.
He went on to say cultural values can be instilled in the minds of youngsters through traditional dances, drama and storytelling.
Speaking at the same occasion, Chief Herman Iipumbu of the Uukwambi said behaviour demonstrates how a child is brought up and introduced to cultural values.
“Indiscipline and disrespect tells you that a person is not brought up in accordance with cultural values and traditions,” Iipumbu told those who gathered for the official opening event.
Adult traditional dance groups and youth groups of secondary, junior secondary, upper and lower primary schools participated in the two-day Oshana regional annual cultural festival.