Namibia Cabin Crew Union Response on the Appointment of Ms. E. Samson

August 15, 2015, 9:10am
Image: Namibian Sun

Namibia Cabin Crew Union Response on the Appointment of Ms. E.


We welcome the Board's swift action to ensure the national airline has an identified company leader for the next 12 months. We equally acknowledge Ms. Samson's willingness to assist the Board and employees in the hope of turning our fortunes around.

We should however not loose sight of the fact that turning fortunes around will and cannot be the responsibility of a select few but as a collective unit. It is now time for the Board, EXCO and employee representatives to foster a working relationship, respect each other and work together to ensure our airline demand respect in the public domain. However more importantly win over the tax payers to be proud of the national airline in all spheres, through dedication towards what's good for the airline.

It is also important and relevant to state that our new company leaders should first deal with the inequality experienced by our members in the company, reminding all that a happy worker is a productive worker.

As an employee representative we have in line with our agreement submitted our salary and working conditions proposal in January already and up to now no serious dialogue has occurred on this. We have tried to engage the management team on various times to seek conclusion on the matter but we either receive a negative response of not being available or no response at all. This kind of response and behavior is not good for the airline employees and relationship, and we believe it's important that our new company leaders are aware of this.

Furthermore we also want to inform the company management that our members on numerous occasions flew out on duty and do not receive their subsistence and allowance as one should. They spent up to seven days on duty without any substance and allowance payment, and still have to come and fight with management to receive their allowance. This situation must be addressed without delay by our new Board and MD.

Although we opt to make this known through the media we will still seek an audience with the MD and possible the Board to discuss this and various other matters of concerns and to propose solutions on issues of employment and social matters.

We further call on the Board to initiate an investigation on various irregularities that transpired during the tenure of Mr. Gsponer. We are aware of irregularities with regards to employment and corporate management functions. We urge the Board to engage all employees to understand the level of irregularities that transpired and the harm it caused to employer employee relationship.

We further call on the Board to re look at the way the company conclude agreements with service providers as it is really a concern and hamper operations. Surely one person cannot have the sole power to conclude agreements and in most cases this person do not have the intellect capacity to conclude a proper "all win" agreement.

In previous negotiations as far back as five years we urged the management and Board of that periods to seriously look at the housing situation in Namibia and seek ways to assist employees to afford accommodation. We proposed that the company consider buying a piece of land and building an employee village. This suggestion/argument was never exercised or considered. We now call on the board to have a look at this situation and let's seek consensus collectively with the call of housing. Let's engage other companies and their representatives, municipality and government ministry to seek solution.

It is now our call and plea that management team members move away from the outdated notion that trade unions are trouble makers and should be ignored and excluded from what's good for the company.

We urge our new company leaders to now exercise and adopt the notion of our President that inclusivity and not exclusivity is the only way we will take the airline forward, an airline the nation can be proud of in all spheres of operation.