Water rationing a last resort for Windhoek

August 14, 2015, 9:42am

Water rationing a last resort for Windhoek

The City of Windhoek, on the verge of a water crisis because of the highly depleted state of its main supply dams, may soon resort to rationing water supply to households if the crisis persists and worsens.



From political allies to bitter foes

The once cozy relationship, spanning over two decades, between McHenry Venaani and Vinsent Kanyetu was so good that the two revived a party destined for the political graveyard.



Scramble for land intensifies at Arandis

The rush for land and housing at Arandis is intense, so much so that Arandis Town Council had to circumvent ministerial orders in order to avail land to developers – albeit temporarily.


New Era