Ondonga King's wife accused of divide-and-rule

13 Aug 2015 11:10am
ONGWEDIVA, 13 AUG (NAMPA) – The royal house of Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) is allegedly divided into two camps of King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas’ loyal senior traditional councillors and those favoured by Elifas’ wife, Sicilia.
Some of the OTA’s senior councillors, who preferred to remain unnamed due to the fear of victimisation, disclosed the alleged division to Nampa earlier this week.
The same senior councillors claimed that the division has resulted in the ill functioning of the Ondonga Traditional Council for some years.
The camp of Elifas’ wife is said to be powerful, dominant and reportedly went to the extent of side lining some OTA leaders, such as Kashona kaMalulu, Nangombe Walenga, Vilho Kamanya and Fillemon Shuumbwa.
Shuumbwa has been nominated to be Elifas’ successor.
“The King’s wife dominates in all fronts of the royal house and, as such, her camp has planned to replace the Ondonga Traditional Council’s chairperson, Peter Kauluma, with someone who is not yet a member of the council,” the disgruntled councillors argued.
They also accused the camp of the king’s wife of violating procedures, traditional norms and practices of the OTA in its disputable operation.
They believe the king’s wife’s dominance in the royal house follows on the heels of the ill-health of King Elifas.
The OTA’s secretary, Joseph Asino, who also spoke on behalf of queen Sicilia, stated that neither the king’s council nor his office has received information about some headmen being side lined.
He also could not confirm that the royal house is divided into two camps of leaders and that there is a plan to replace the chairperson of the Council of the OTA with an outsider.
“Seeing that the alleged information did not reach our office yet, the council is unable to give its side on this issue,” Asino responded.