Zuma to report back on progress since State of the Nation

August 11, 2015, 5:36am

Zuma to report back on progress since State of the Nation

Durban - President Jacob Zuma will on Tuesday hold a media briefing to provide an update on progress made in key areas since his State of the Nation Address in February.

According to a statement issued by the Presidency, Zuma will discuss information germane to the "nine-point plan" he announced in the SONA, as well as other interventions, in an effort to boost economic growth and create jobs.

The nine-point plan consists of the following:

1. Revitalisation of the agriculture and agro-processing value-chain;

2. Advancing beneficiation (adding value to our mineral wealth);

3. More effective implementation of a higher impact IPAP;

4. Unlocking the potential of small, medium and micro enterprise (SMMEs), co-operatives, and township and rural enterprise;

5. Resolving the energy challenge;

6. Stabilising the labour market;

7. Scaling up private sector investment;

8. Growing the Ocean Economy;

9. Cross-cutting Areas to Reform, Boost and Diversify the Economy (encompassing science, technology and innovation; water and sanitation; transport infrastructure; broadband roll-out; and state-owned companies).

By Jeff Wicks News24