Witvlei electricity, water infrastructure dilapidated

06 Aug 2015 11:20am
WITVLEI, 06 AUG (NAMPA) - The Witvlei Village Council is battling worn-out electricity and water infrastructure which has made service delivery a cumbersome process at the town.
The town's electricity cables, transmission boxes and water pipelines were installed over 50 years ago, and has never replaced, Nampa has learned.
According to the village council's Chief Executive Officer, Chris Murangi, over 90 per cent of the town's underground water is lost through pipe leakages and pipes that burst almost every other week.
Murangi told this news agency on Thursday the village council has been battling to replace the ailing infrastructure for some time now.
“We have a serious problem with infrastructure, which is needed for the efficient delivery of services here at the village council. If it is not a water pipe bursting it is electricity tripping and giving us headaches due to their condition.
“This infrastructure was put in place way before independence and is now worn out,” he said.
The CEO said the village council has been in constant contact with the national water supply utility, NamWater, on what could be done to improve the situation.
The village council has also consulted the Electricity Control Board (ECB), which has sent officials to the town to assess the situation.
“Both NamWater and the ECB have sent people to come and determine the situation on the ground, and we hope that they will soon compile reports to indicate how serious our situation is,” he CEO noted.
Murangi could not provide a time frame for when the problem would be settled, although he noted that the village council is doing all it can to remedy the situation.
He noted that despite the village council's efforts to provide these services to its residents, the majority of its residents have been struggling to pay for their water and electricity.
The CEO attributed this to the high unemployment rate at the town.