Malema case: Game changer in SA politics?

August 6, 2015, 4:47am
Photo: Oupa Nkosi

Malema case: Game changer in SA politics?

After three years of delays, the high-profile corruption case against Julius Malema has been thrown out of court. Judge Billy Mothle said the case may be reinstated, but for now the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters is free.

Judge Billy Mothle: "Starting from 2012 up to 2015 is too long a time for any person to have a sword hanging over his head, and I’m not willing to subject the accused to that particular ordeal once more"

Julius Malema, the controversial, charismatic leader the of EFF, was accused of fraud, corruption and racketeering linked to a $400,000 government contract he secured when he headed the ANC-Youth League in 2009. The trial was thrown out of court on Tuesday when it became clear the case was headed for yet another dead-end. Two of Malema's co-accused were in hospital and Judge Mothle said it was unfair to Malema for the case to be delayed once more.

Azad Essa: Mail and Guardian