My sins are younger than yours... Ngurare tells Geingob

August 5, 2015, 7:43am

'My sins are younger than yours' ... Ngurare tells Geingob

Ngurare was expelled from the party together with Job Amupanda, George Kambala and Dimbulukweni Nauyoma for their part in calling on government to make available land to the people.
Speaking for the first time since his expulsion from the party last month, Ngurare said he was unable to respond to the President's 'utterances' because of a bereavement in the family. 
“I am not perfect but I doubt that you are qualified to judge me because, put simply, my sins are younger than yours, let God be the judge for all our sins,” Ngurare said in a hard-hitting letter dated 3 August and addressed to Geingob.
In the letter, Ngurare accuses Geingob of plotting the expulsion of the youth league in 2012 on the sidelines of the 5th youth league congress held in Windhoek.
“Perhaps you forgot, let me remind you that on 28 August 2012 on the sidelines of 5th SPYL congress in Windhoek you (Comrade President), Cde (Mbumba) Nangolo and Tobacco Adviser (apparent reference to Armas Amukwiyu) convened a meeting at Protea Hotel to plot against our congress outcome ... In other words, it is not surprising that now you are President it became your first priority above all priorities to expel us,” he wrote.
Ngurare further said that Geingob was expected to “uphold the principles of natural justice to everyone including those you hate or hated by those in your inner circle”.
“You, Comrade President, took to the loudspeaker speaking about my wrongs but I was never given the opportunity to answer to those wrongs or accusations,” he said.
Ngurare further said Geingob was wrong to say the Central Committee had ruled in 2013 at Swakopmund that Ngurare and the youth national executive committee should be expelled if they were found on the wrong side of the party constitution.
“I would like to believe that you have a conscience and in that you know the truth. The resolution in Swakopmund 2013 was that if there was to be any wrongdoing on the part of myself as the leader and the entire SPYL NEC, such transgression would automatically be referred to the newly established disciplinary committee. This was, undoubtedly, done in preserving fairness and natural justice in the Swapo Party,” he further said.
Ngurare also said Geingob was wrong to say he “must thank former president (Hifikepunye) Pohamba who intervened” to save him from expulsion in 2013 and that he violated his bail conditions.
“This is where both of you are wrong. I do not need any saving, but fairness and justice need saving,” he said, adding that how else does one explain the President's talk of bail conditions when no charges were brought against him and others.
He reminded Geingob that he had pointed out to the Swakopmund CC that some people within the party had also insulted others but that nothing was done to them.
Ngurare was making reference to a Facebook spat between SPYL national executive member Sioni Iileka and education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa. In the argument Hanse-Himarwa made reference to Iileka's mother doing a useless job in bringing him up and that his mother was just good for pounding mahangu.
“I asked why such behaviour was not taken up by the party leadership. It appears that the animosity towards me originates from something else other than my alleged misconduct,” he added.
Saying that he takes responsibility for siding with the Affirmative Repositioning trio - Amupanda, Kambala and Nauyoma - Ngurare accused Geingob of treating them as if they are not human beings.
“I take responsibility for having advised them to ask all fellow landless youth to apply for land in their respective local authorities in accordance with the 1992 Local Authorities Act . . . I take responsibility for having attended the consultative legal forum which brought together young lawyers, engineers, social workers etc, to review the existing legal framework on access to land in the country . . .
“Expulsion on this does not surprise me either. What surprises me is that you chose to dispense of natural justice; what surprises me are the allegations I am hearing that you ordered for the locks to my office to be changed and for my humiliation,” he said.
Although he commends Geingob for meeting the youth seeking to address the land issue, Ngurare said he leaves office a happy person especially that he refused any appointment to Cabinet or parliament while he was youth league secretary.
He said: “Apart from serving on boards of companies, there is no tender, fish quota, EPL or Affirmative Action farm loan to my name. Ours was a commitment to service and not an accumulation of wealth.”
Contacted for comment regarding the letter yesterday, Ngurare said being a Swapo member is not and should not be about positions but about principles among them fairness and justice for all. 
“I am therefore humbled by all those who have treated me by these principles over the years such as the late John Pandeni and the late Andrew Intamba. I also salute the principled leaders like comrade Nahas Angula, comrade Peter Ilonga, comrade Isak Katali and others,” he told The Namibian. The press secretary in the Presidency Albertus Aochamub said: “We are not aware of such correspondence having reached the President's office and if it does, I am sure the President will respond.”

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