Swapo readies to take it all in //Karas

05 Aug 2015 07:40am
KEETMANSHOOP, 05 AUG (NAMPA) – Swapo Party representatives of the Berseba District were sternly pressed by the party’s //Karas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala to deliver positive results come the Local Authority Election in November this year.
During a meeting at Swapo’s regional office in Keetmanshoop over the weekend, Mumbala emphasised the intent of the party to win in all seven electoral constituencies of the //Karas Region.
Currently, only three are headed by a Swapo majority.
He said the party coordinators have to leave no stone unturned to mobilise the people and the local authorities in their districts to register this month for the elections later this year.
“For the simple reason that if you don’t, people won’t vote,” he said.
Mumbala said the coordinators had to make “double sure” that the “mighty” Swapo Party emerged victorious at the polls.
Berseba is managed by three councillors of the DTA of Namibia party and a minority of two Swapo councillors.
Mumbala also spoke out against tribal affairs affecting the party.
He referenced the infighting and perceived animosity amongst followers of the two chiefs, Johannes Isaack and Stephanus Goliath of Berseba; the former a DTA member while the latter is from Swapo.
Mumbala said tribal or religious issues should not divide members in the Swapo Party.
“The party is the mother, and the party is not affiliated to any tribe or any church, it is a multi-cultural party. Therefore, do not destroy Swapo with tribal politics and let these issues not cause our loss at the election polls,” he warned.
He further suggested that Namibian ancestors historically lost wars and land precisely because each only fought for themselves and their immediate followers.
“Let us not be like goats, let us unite as leaders, talk through our problems and find solutions,” he said.
Furthermore, Mumbala told the party representatives to keep a close eye on all Government projects underway in their respective villages.
He particularly singled out the sanitation project of Bethanië which apparently has been dogged by infighting, work stoppages and delays on the part of a local contractor from the village.
“Those telling the people of Bethanië to stop working and demand more money should refrain from doing so. Let the community work, it is their toilets. Do not come and complain tomorrow if people from other regions come and complete your project,” he said. Registration for the upcoming Local Authority and Regional elections commence on Wednesday.