Shiweda appalled by MAWF offices' condition in Omaheke

02 Aug 2015 10:30am
GOBABIS, 02 AUG (NAMPA) - Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Anna Shiweda has expressed dissatisfaction at the state of her ministry's offices in some parts of the Omaheke Region.
Shiweda, who was on a familiarisation visit of the region last week, told the ministry's staff on Thursday she was appalled by the conditions under which some of them operate.
The deputy minister said most of the ministry's offices in Omaheke's remote rural settings are without basic office equipment such as filing cabinets, computers and furniture, which has made it difficult for staff to fully carry out the ministry's mandate.
She made reference to the MAWF offices at Otjinene and Eiseb block, where staff members are allegedly forced to use worn out chairs with holes in them, and sometimes do not even have desks to operate from.
“I was shocked to see people using chairs that had deep holes around the seating area, and sometimes make-shift tables for their work stations. This is unacceptable and counter-productive,” she said.
Shiweda said many a times, staff in Windhoek move office furniture from their offices into corridors whenever new furniture is bought.
“I am pleased to note that at least we have made an arrangement for such office furniture to be brought over here. In fact, they are supposed to have arrived by truck as we speak,” said the deputy minister.
Meanwhile, Shiweda also acknowledged the problems faced by farmers in the region, especially the lack of sufficient water sources.
She said Government is working hard at addressing the persistent problem of limited water supply, especially in the Otjombinde and some parts of the Epukiro constituencies.
“We are aware of the hardships faced by our farmers and we are working on it. We want to turn to pipelines as a more formidable means of proving water to areas where water is scarce, as opposed to the drilling of boreholes which often end up being dry,” she said.
Shiweda also noted that there is a need for better auction facilities for farmers in the form of auction pens, weighing scales and ablution facilities at these auction kraals.
Eiseb Block is situated some 400 kilometres north-east of Gobabis, while Otjinene - which was recently proclaimed a village council - is located some 160km north of the regional capital.