Nam needs national policy on alcohol use: Shinedima

28 Jul 2015 15:50pm
RUNDU, 28 JUL (NAMPA) – Namibia needs to develop a national policy on alcohol use which would establish measures to control supply and demand, minimise alcohol-related harm and improve public health.
The Executive Director of Women’s Action for Development (WAD), Salatiel Shinedima made this remark at the organisation’s Kavango East field day and graduation which saw close to 150 women graduate in sewing, hospitality, and office administration, amongst other things, on Thursday.
“We also need to introduce a law that requires all learner drivers to undergo training on responsible drinking and on the impact of driving under the influence of alcohol,” Shinedima said.
The WAD director said no country can build a progressive and productive nation when “the majority of the future leaders are enslaved by liquor”.
A country also cannot build a productive nation by merely talking and complaining about alcohol abuse while nothing is done about it.
“We have tolerated this enemy for too long. The time to act is now. We need to take serious and drastic steps to confront this enemy. We cannot continue to watch our friends and relatives lose their lives due to alcohol-related illnesses or accidents. Let us join forces and fight this enemy head on. Let us play our part,” he told the gathering.
He stated that alcohol abuse is one of the most talked-about social evils in Namibian society, but is also one of the most overlooked and underrated.
Shinedima said incidents of abuse against children raise a lot of questions about the attitude towards the misuse of alcohol in Namibia.
“It is no longer a secret that the parental home lies at the core of addressing this social enemy,” he said.
Shinedima indicated that it is the parental home where children are often exposed to alcohol abuse when parents misuse alcohol in front of their children.