Govt to provide drought relief beneficiaries with matangara

06 Aug 2013 03:10
By Tjikunda Kulunga
OPUWO, 06 AUG (NAMPA) – Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku says the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) has been contracted to provide drought relief aid beneficiaries with meat products to supplement the maize meal they receive.
Hausiku informed the Governor of the Kunene Region, Josua //Hoebeb and regional councillors about this development at an emergency meeting held at Opuwo last Wednesday.
He was in Opuwo to familiarise himself with the drought situation in the Kunene Region, which has been hit hard by drought for two consecutive years.
“Meatco will provide the drought relief programme with tinned meat products and cattle matangara (intestines),”Hausiku stated.
The Deputy Prime Minister (PM) thus called on beneficiaries to appreciate what they will be provided with and not to be selective, adding that these products are not being offered to them ‘for pleasure’ but due to the emergency situation caused by the drought.
“Please, the beneficiaries should receive whatever is being provided to them, be it matangara or fish... as we are in an emergency situation, and should try and adapt to the situation,” he noted.
Meatco delivered 330 boxes of corned beef to the main drought relief food warehouse at Opuwo on the same day, which was set to be delivered to other warehouses in the region for further distribution.
Also on Wednesday, the Opuwo warehouse received 279 boxes of tinned fish and 29 boxes of corned beef from the drought relief supplies which were recently donated by the Russian Government as part of its drought assistance to Namibia.
Namib Mills has additionally been contracted to deliver 60 000 12,5 kilogramme bags of maize meal to the Kunene Region every month throughout the drought.
The Disaster Risk Management Unit’s coordinator at the Kunene Regional Council, Lucas Tjoola confirmed to Nampa on Monday that two truckloads of maize meal have already been delivered at the main warehouse in Opuwo by Namib Mills last week.
He added that the distribution to the beneficiaries will commence as soon as the restocking of other warehouses has been completed.