Agri-Miller at Machita to promote food security

24 Jul 2015 07:40am
MACHITA, 24 JUL (NAMPA) – The newly-established maize milling plant at Machita village in the Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency will go a long way in promoting food security in the country, Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu has said.
Sampofu was speaking to the media at the end of his inspection of the 10-tonne Agri-Miller facility on Wednesday, where he said the project will assist Government in eradicating poverty in the region and country.
“Our mission was to go and see and then testify for ourselves how the project works. I am pleased with the end product, the maize meal is as smooth as flour.
“The miller uses the latest machinery to grind and produce maize meal, and I feel I should urge local crop farmers to engage themselves in businesses such as this one as it helps Government address poverty reduction,” he said.
The N.dollars 2.5 million plant, which aims to produce 1 000 bags of maize meal per day, will assist small and large-scale agricultural farmers in grinding their maize meal.
This means they will not have to travel long distances to have their maize processed at other facilities.
“These types of projects are needed by the communities in order to realise development in the region, especially in rural areas,” Sampofu said.
Katima Mull Rural Constituency Councillor, Warden Simushi said once the plant is fully operational and has satisfied its customers, his office will engage Government to utilise its services to produce bags of maize meal for the government’s drought relief programme.
“If this particular project satisfies us, we will have to engage them to produce drought relief food to support our community. This will empower local communities to compete with foreign-owned millers to produce on the same scale,” Simushi said.
Agri-Miller manager Benjamin Limbo pointed out that the project, which will be officially opened on 01 August, will also contribute to Namibia’s industrialisation. He said 10 locals from Machita and the surrounding areas are permanently employed there.
Limbo said the project will buy maize in bags from small and large-scale farmers to process it for resale to the locals and people in other regions at a price yet to be determined by the management.
“The maize meal produced at the mill will be marketed at prices that are satisfactory. It will then be packaged in quality bags branded as Brighter Maize Meal,” he said.
Limbo added that as part of the miller’s social responsibility, it will produce maize meal to be handed over to the Zambezi Regional Office, which will then distribute it to schools, orphanages and drought-affected victims.