Geingob explains Ngurare expulsion

July 23, 2015, 3:43pm

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Geingob explains Ngurare’s expulsion

President Hage Geingob has given clarity on the expulsion of Swapo Paty Youth League Secretary general, Elijah Ngurare.

He reminded the Swapo party Central Committee at a press conference this morning of the decision taken by the Politburo to expel Ngurare before the party extraordinary Congress which took place at Swakopmund in 2013. Geingob said everyone knows the reasons why these decisions were taken and they relate to matters of discipline and respect.

He added that the expulsion was stayed as a result of intervention by the Swapo Party president Pohamba and a decision was taken to monitor Ngurare’s behaviour and if he would repeat the same actions, then he would be expelled. “If one is given bail and bail conditions are outlined by the Judge, once you violate those conditions, then you should expect to face the consequences of such a violation,” Geingob explained.

Geingob also made mention of the issue of the youth wanting land, stating that their need for land is a genuine outcry. He however cautioned that as a President, he must ensure that the values in the constitution are upheld.

“Therefore, acquiring land by force is not an option. We cannot allow upheaval in the Namibian house. One member cannot grab another member’s food or blanket. As a father of the House, if I allow such things to take place, then eventually no one in the house will eat an no one in the house will sleep,” He said. He further noted that there is no need to fight as fighting only takes place when there is a democratic vacuum, when there is no democratic dispensation.

“In Namibia we have democracy and democracy has spoken with a united voice saying, ‘Here Swapo Party, take 80%. Here Swapo Presidential Candidate, take 87%’. We have bought into your Manifesto and bestow our sovereignty on you for the next five years, after which we will judge you and if we feel that you have failed to carry out our mandate on our behalf, we will effect change through the ballot,” he said.

Geingob also reiterated his desire to engage the youth on land, saying he is doing so at the first Swapo party Politburo meeting. “The issue of land grabbing is not a Swapo Party issue, it was decided that two committees would be set up to engage the youth on the land issues,” he said.

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