Ekandjo has vision for youth development in constituencies

23 Jul 2015 14:10pm
OTJIWARONGO, 23 JUL (NAMPA) – The Minister of Youth, Sport and National Service, Jerry Ekandjo says his ministry has a clear vision for the development of the youth in all constituencies across the country.
Ekandjo was speaking during a courtesy visit to the Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, Otto Ipinge on Wednesday morning.
He said it was during the regional visits where he found out his ministry needs to do more in terms of constructing sports facilities in all 121 constituencies, and build offices with prefabricated materials possibly near each constituency office.
Ekandjo noted that the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service envisions the construction of soil levelled sports grounds with goal posts.
Grass will only be grown on the sports fields later, once the facilities are set up and usable by community members, he said.
According to Ekandjo, the idea of having soil levelled sports fields also includes the construction of courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball and netball sports codes as one project in all constituencies.
Ekandjo said it is expensive to establish a standard sports field as one can cost the ministry approximately N.dollars 40 million.
The minister said the youths across the country will also have constituency youth training centres in their regions, where training similar to that taking place at the national youth service centres would also happen.
He said his ministry is looking into providing free equipment and tools to those who graduate from these constituency youth training centres.
“Our ministry will continue to give out grants ranging between N.dollars 7 000 and N.dollars 50 000 to the graduate youths with good ideas that can create employment for themselves and others,” he said.
Ekandjo told the Otjozondjupa Regional Governor that these projects envisioned by his ministry could become part of the 2016/2017’s ministerial budget.
He said a rural bottom-up budget formula whereby constituency and regional youth forums, sports organisations and regional offices of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service will be required to submit their own budgets to his ministry so that they are included in the ministerial budget.
The Otjozondjupa Regional Governor on his part called on Ekandjo to look into easing the cumbersome bureaucracy system in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service.
Ipinge said bureaucracy in the ministry makes it difficult for the youth and sports officers in the regions to carry out duties as all approvals are only done by department directors in the capital.
Ipinge also suggested that the Ministries of Youth, Sport and National Service; Industrialisation, Trade and Small Medium Enterprise Development; and Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation coordinate their activities to assist graduates from the national youth service centres in accessing project starting capital or equipment aid.
The meeting was attended by regional and local authority councillors in the Otjozondjupa Region.
Ekandjo also held public meetings with young people, regional sports and youth officers at Otjiwarongo.
The minister’s regional familiarisation visits that started on 20 May this year will be completed on 30 July.