Bank Windhoek warns clients of Phone fraud

July 23, 2015, 10:06am
Photo: Joseph Mafwila, Forensic Investigator at Bank Windhoek



With more clients using cellphone banking and internet banking on their mobile devices to do their banking transactions, cyber criminals are coming up with sophisticated ways to con unsuspecting clients of their hard-earned cash.

The latest international fraud trend involves fraudsters posing, or pretending to work for financial banking institutions, as well as working as engineers for mobile companies, such as Apple and Samsung. They phone unsuspecting clients warning, or alerting them, that the security details or software of their mobile devices have been compromised and that they can fix the technical problem for a certain fee. Clients are then requested to hand over banking card details to effect the payment, before the problem can be fixed.

The fraudulent calls also involve fraudsters offering clients the latest anti-virus software and pop-up notifications appearing on their mobile devices, warning them of a technical problem that can be solved by contacting the phone number provided.  As a general rule, do not provide personal-, banking- or card details over the phone to anybody, especially not if the call was initiated unsolicited by the caller.

“These fraudulent activities know no country borders, but considering that many cyber criminals and fraudsters targeting Namibian clients are based abroad, Bank Windhoek deems it necessary to warn clients in advance. Clients are therefore advised to be cautious when receiving such calls.  Bank Windhoek also remind clients that the Bank’s officials will not request account or card details via a phone call, sms or email,” said Joseph Mafwila, Forensic Investigator at Bank Windhoek.