Otjimbingwe chief highlights development needs

22 Jul 2015 08:10am
OTJIMBINGWE, 22 JUL (NAMPA) - The Chief of the Tsoaxudaman Traditional Authority in Otjimbingwe, Betuel Haraseb says a number of issues need to be addressed to bring development to the area.
Speaking to Nampa about some of the issues and development needs in his area at his home here last week, Haraseb said more police officers should be stationed at Otjimbingwe to amongst others help curb stock theft.
Haraseb’s 300 head of cattle has decreased to only four due to stock theft over the past 10 years.
“Stock theft is a serious concern in this area. We suffer more than people in other areas.” the 88-year-old chief said.
The traditional leader said he also lost goats and sheep.
“Currently I only have 10 goats and five sheep. It happened when I was sick and could not constantly supervise my employees who take care of the animals.” he said.
The chief also noted that housebreaking and theft out of motor vehicles is rife in Otjimbingwe.
“In the past three years my shop was broken in to three or four times and they took the money. My car was also broken into.” he stated.
Haraseb noted that there are not enough police officers at Otjimbingwe and on top of that, no vehicle at the police station, meaning they are limited in the work they can carry out.
“There is only three officers here with no car. How can they be expected to work and protect our property?” he questioned.
On development matters, the chief said the road between Karibib and Otjimbingwe should be tarred. In the settlement itself, he feels a pharmacy should be established. He also feels they need a post office so that elderly people can receive their monthly pension money there, amongst other things.
Haraseb said the poorer members of the community struggle to get these services because they are only available in Karibib, which is situated 60 kilometres away.
“Our people have to spend money they do not have to pay for transport to and from Karibib to collect pension money and other needs.” said the chief.
In response, the Namibian Police Force (NamPol’s) Erongo regional commander, Commissioner Samuel //Hoebeb sympathised with the chief and said his office is aware of the situation at the police station in Otjimbingwe.
“There is no accommodation for the officers there and you cannot deploy officers to a place where there is no accommodation. However, I have obtained a plot where we will build police accommodation starting this month.” said //Hoebeb.
As for transport, the commissioner said a driver is already appointed and he will be deployed to the station with a vehicle soon.
The commissioner noted there is no vehicle because there is no station commander who can be trusted with a vehicle.
“The station commander was transferred but now we have appointed a new commander to take over the station. Until then, we will continue to use officers and vehicles from Karibib to fight crimes in Otjimbingwe as we have been doing.” //Hoebeb replied.
The regional commander said there has been a noticeable reduction in stock theft cases as very few crimes of this nature have been reported in the region this year.
He said this is because the police closely watch places and businesses where stolen meat and livestock tend to be sold.