Rural electrification reaches /Uikrens village

20 Jul 2015 11:10am
/UIKRENS, 20 JUL (NAMPA) - The sleepy village of /Uikrens will soon experience development as the process of rural electrification, which will see the village connected to the national power grid, started here on Wednesday.
/Uikrens is located in the Daures Constituency, about 30 kilometres north of Usakos in the Erongo Region.
Constituency Councillor for Daures, Ehrnst Katjiku on Wednesday handed over the site to the contractor, Windhoek Consulting Engineers (WCE).
This project will cost beyond N.dollars 2 million and is part of Government and the Erongo Regional Electricity Distributor’s (RED) efforts in bringing electricity to the rural areas of Namibia.
The contractor already started identifying beneficiaries before putting up connecting lines and installing electricity boxes to about 59 houses.
Katjiku requested good cooperation between the community, the contractor and other stakeholders to ensure success of the project.
“Employment priority should be given to the local people and if it happens that people with special skills are to be taken from other areas, let us take from the nearby villages,” he instructed the contractor.
Speaking to the residents, Katjiku said Government promised to bring electricity and this is proof that they are delivering.
On his part, Cornelius Syfert of WCE ensured that locals will be employed first to do the job.
He said a total of 20 people from the village will be given jobs and the project is expected to be completed by November this year when the houses will “light up”.
Syfert has worked on other rural electrification projects in the Daures Constituency such as at Okombahe, Okongwe, Goas and Okamapuku.
Last month, Erongo RED connected 117 houses in Otjimbingwe to the national electricity grid.
Public Relations Officer at Erongo RED, Benjamin Nangombe on Sunday said 26 houses and two water pumps were switched on at Okongava on Tuesday, while 44 houses are expected to be switched on at Audaweb this week as part of the same project.
Officials from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Erongo RED, Chairperson of the /Uikrens Development Committee Cornelius Noabeb and community members also attended the site handover.