BBA Update: Beverly scandal and Nominations

August 5, 2013, 10:44 am

Beverly might put Dillish on the chopping board.

After the shocking departure of Nando and the two evicted housemates Annabel and Sulu the week was filled with pretty interesting activities. Beverly and Angelo took a step further in their romance and most are wondering if or not they did have sex... well keep reading

Like Betty and Bolt, Elikem and Fatima, Pokello and Elikem, Hakeem and Cleo, Feza and Oneal, Beverly finally got the chance to sit in the tub with the Dread locked Angelo the only difference is that there was a lot of freaking happening. I don’t know what you think happened in that bath tub but I saw the video and it is either Angelo has an elephant’s trunk to fit his penis into her vagina or there was no penetration. In the position they were in I strongly doubt any sex happened. But I can confirm that at night under blankets the hanky panky does happen between the two. Unfortunately this year Africa seeks decency from the Big Brother housemates. Just like Betty, Beverly seems to be under crucifixion by the Nigerian people for the incident. Nigerians are feeling betrayed by Beverly’s actions as comments of Facebook such as she is a prostitute and a disgrace to Nigeria flooded social media. There was a time Beverly confessed that she had to sleep with men to feed her family and this confession is adding onto the flames the 21 year old model set.

As viewers we have our different thoughts on behavior of the housemates but off late I have noticed that women are sole targets to criticisms, insults and judgment in cases such as Beverly’s. Betty was the first housemates to indulge into sexual intercourse with Bolt to a point were lawyers back in Ethiopia suing her for public indecency but Bolt seemed to get away with it. Same goes with Angelo it is as if he was invisible because attention is focused all on Beverly. But hey “it is not easy being a woman”.

Nominations happened and Beverly is head of house. This is how the chase mates voted.

Bimp: Elikem and Dillish

Elikem: Bimp and Feza

Cleo: Feza and Beverly

Feza: Elikem and Cleo

Melvin: Beverly and Feza

Dillish: Feza and Bimp

Angelo: Cleo and Bimp

Beverly: Cleo and Dillish

Feza is leading the pack with 4 nominations, Bimp and Cleo follow with 3 each. Beverly voted Cleo and Dillish, I am thinking she might save Bimp and replace him with Dillish. But I am hoping Dillish and Cleo will not be up against each other. Anything can happen. Let us wait for tonight and see what Beverly will do. NB as HOH it is a must for Beverly to make a save and replace even if she is not nominated or else she too will be up for possible eviction.

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