Farmer accuses cousin of stealing livestock

19 Jul 2015 10:50am
KARIBIB, 19 JUL (NAMPA) - Livestock farmer Chris Divanga of Farm NeuShwaben laid a complaint of stock theft against his cousin Manfred Muvangua, who appeared in the Karibib Magistrate’s Court on Monday.
Muvangua, 36, stands accused of stealing a pregnant cow, four goats, a coil of steel wire, a wire stretcher, steel pipes and gum poles valued at approximately N.dollars 9 200 from Divanga.
The alleged theft occurred between July and September 2014 at NeuShwaben, a resettlement farm located some 10 kilometres south of Karibib.
Giving his testimony before Magistrate Lilian Mbaeva on Monday during trial, Divanga said Muvangua stole his property while he was working for him as a farm foreman.
“Being a family member, I trusted him and made him a foreman. I paid him N.dollars 5 000 every month, bought him food and clothes but he repaid me by stealing,” an angry Divanga said.
He further told the court that before laying the charges, he asked Muvangua to confess to the crime so they could get the animals from where he had taken them.
“He refused to cooperate when I asked him to tell me where my property was, so I was left with no option but to have him arrested,” said Divanga.
He further alleged that more goats went missing under Muvangua’s foremanship but he has no evidence to have him prosecuted for that.
“I have evidence for the four goats, a cow and the other property he stole, that’s why I am here,” Divanga told the court.
Muvangua pleaded not guilty in court, saying “ I did not steal anything from him”.
During cross examination, Muvangua’s defence lawyer Mpokiseng Dube maintained that his client is innocent.
“You do not have evidence that my client stole from you. You are basically saying you are holding him accountable for the properties lost under his care which will not apply in this court,” Dube said .
Dube labelled the case a family feud that ended up in court because Muvangua informed him that Divanga had him charged simply because they have family issues due to missing livestock.
Magistrate Mbaeva extended Muvangua’s bail and postponed the case to 11 November 2015, for continuation of trial.
The State is expected to call up three more witnesses to give evidence.