Rundu Town Council destroys expired goods

18 Jul 2015 11:20am
RUNDU, 18 JUL (NAMPA) – The Rundu Town Council destroyed expired goods valued at N.dollars 100 000 here on Friday.
The goods, including cereals, tinned food and potato chips and sweets, were confiscated from supermarkets, Chinese-owned shops, shops selling mixed products and individuals selling goods at open markets and on the street.
The town council indicated that this was done in efforts to ensure that residents do not compromise their health by consuming expired food.
“Expired goods can make people sick,” the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Rundu Town Council, Romanus Haironga told members of the media at the dumpsite where the goods were burned.
He warned business owners that the town council’s Public Health Department and the Ministry of Finance’s Directorate of Immigration and Customs is hard at work to ensure that expired goods are removed from all shops.
He added that by law, such items are not supposed to be sold.
“To customers, when you enter a shop and want to buy something, please check the expiry date of the goods you are purchasing. If you are not sure whether the expiry date is indicated or not, please ask,” Haironga said.
He also urged members of the public to report shops selling expired goods to the relevant authorities such as the town council so they can inspect that particular shop.
He indicated that most residents fear reporting such issues, and called on them to not turn a blind eye.
The town council implemented the campaign this year after planning it for almost a year.
“We do not inform business owners that we are coming. At times we send staff members in the department of public health to go to shops as if they are customers, but they go there to inspect,” Haironga added.
Thereafter, they return to the shops to put measures in place.
“The laws are clear. When we confiscate these products we take them and we destroy them and we issue a warning. If you persist and your shop does not comply with the law, then we take action by taking away your licence or we take you to court with the evidence we have,” the CEO stated.
Haironga warned business owners to refrain from selling expired items to community members, stating that the town council will continue to ensure that residents’ health is maintained.