Council of Traditional Leaders worry about land issue

16 Jul 2015 17:10pm
WINDHOEK, 16 JUL (NAMPA) – The Council of Traditional Leaders on Thursday paid a courtesy call on Vice-President Dr Nickey Iyambo at the old state house in Windhoek city centre to discuss issues of land, drought and traditional disputes.
Chairperson of the delegation, Chief of Topnaar Traditional Authority, Seth Kootjie told the media after the meeting that the main purpose was to advise the government on issues of land and other issues that hamper community development.
Kootjie said they discussed the issue of land grabbing, which is a concern of all Namibians, especially the traditional councils.
“We are worried that this issue might reach the traditional, rural and commercial areas,” he said.
The chief advised Government to continue engaging with the youth and solve the problem as soon as possible.
He urged the youth to adhere to the rules and regulations of the country by not grabbing land instead use appropriate channels to acquire land.
“We are advising them to carry out their wishes through the government consultation and engagement in order to reach positive solutions,” Kootjie reiterated.
He said the meeting also discussed the issue of drought that is affecting the economic development of the country.
“We all know that climate change is affecting the country and we are appreciating the plans and actions taken by our government to serve the Namibian communities, and all sectors to support the government and the community in addressing the issue of drought,” he said.
Delegates of the traditional leaders’ council and Iyambo also discussed the problem within the traditional authorities all over the country that are dealing with disputes in traditional leadership and communities, which hampers the development of the country.
The chief called on the government to assist the traditional leaders and council of leaders, and empower them on how to carry out their functions and duties on reaching the amicable solutions on issues of traditional disputes in the country.
Kootjie was accompanied by Deputy Chairperson of the Council of Traditional Leaders, Chief Immanuel /Gaseb; Special Advisor to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Phillip Tjerjie; Chief of the Maharero Traditional Authority, Tjinani Maharero; and Senior Traditional Councillor of Ondonga Traditional Authority, Naeman Amalwa.
Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sophia Shaningwa also attended the meeting.