It's a sin and shame to die poor: Hanse-Himarwa

16 Jul 2015 12:30pm
TSUMKWE, 16 JUL (NAMPA) – The Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa on Wednesday warned the San community not to die poor because she said it is “a sin and a big shame”.
Shortly after a three-hour closed-door meeting with a technical educational team of the Tsumkwe Constituency, the minister convened a public meeting at the Tsumkwe Senior Secondary School Hall that was attended by teachers and parents.
Hanse-Himarwa urged parents to see to it that it becomes an absolute must for their children to attend school in order to break the cycle of poverty amongst them.
“Believe me it is a big shame and sin to die poor. It is not a shame to be born poor because we don’t choose who should give birth to us. The tricky part comes when you are born poor and die poor,” she stated.
The minister said it is time for the San community to get on par with everyone else in the country, adding that Government is prepared to build schools and hostels, and also feed school children with its feeding programmes.
Therefore, San children must attend school and complete their education for them to be employable.
Hanse-Himarwa also told teachers to establish mutual trust with their learners so that learners open up to them.
She said if parents send their children to school, teachers teach and Government provides the needed resources to the system, the country’s education system will automatically win.
“I call on everyone involved in the education system of the country to help me. Help me to make all these positive changes as a minister,” she requested.
Hanse-Himarwa also donated 20 blankets to the Ju/‘Hoansi Traditional Authority for distribution among community members.
The minister donated the blankets in her private capacity.
On his part, Chief Bobo Tsamkxao #Oma of the Ju/‘Hoansi Traditional Authority said the professional relationships between teachers and learners have “died”.
“Learners are supposed to cry when a teacher is transferred or retires, it used to be like that in our school days,” #Oma said.
The chief urged teachers to establish good relationships with children and motivate them to go that extra mile with their education.
There are 138 teachers for the 3 719 learners in the Tsumkwe Constituency.