Be the eyes and ears of the law-enforcers

05 Aug 2013 02:40
WINDHOEK, 05 AUG (NAMPA) - Everyone has a role to play in preventing corruption, and should become the eyes and ears of law-enforcement agencies in this fight, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Director Paulus Noa says.
He made these remarks during the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT)’s annual general staff meeting here on Friday.
Noa said corruption, whether in the public service or in any other sector, has a corrosive effect to good governance and public order.
“It does not really matter much whether it takes the form of administrative corruption, or grand corruption. It retards economic growth,” he noted.
He added that corruption, in a nutshell, may be defined as the abuse of public office for private gain. It may also be defined as wrongdoing by those in a position of trust.
Corruption is, however, perpetrated in many different forms like abuse of employees’ official positions, bribery, fraud, nepotism, favouritism, embezzlement, abuse of inside information, under-invoicing or double invoicing or false invoicing as well as silent corruption.
According to Noa, a lack of effectiveness in the execution of official duties, lack of transparency in service delivery, inconsistency in the enforcement of disciplinary actions and lack of a culture of accountability are some of the administrative misconducts which give birth to corruption if not dealt with.
“We should not take anything for granted because corruption can be destructive,” he stressed.
He thus urged all public servants to heed the words of the late American lawyer and politician, Henry Clay, who said “Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees, and both the trust and trustees are created for the benefit of the people”.
Noa added that the prevention of corruption is a precondition to high and sustained economic growth, employment-creation and increased income equality, which goals are focused on in the Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4).
“Let us not waste a moment to prevent corruption in the public service,” he urged.