Wise words for the parasite generation

July 12, 2015, 6:44pm

Wise words for the parasite generation


Nangolo had three (3) sons and seventeen (17) cattle. His will read that when he dies the following should happen:

  1. Half (1/2) his cattle to be given to the first son
  2. One third (1/3) of the cattle to be given to the second son
  3. One ninth (1/9) of the cattle to be given to the last son.

When Nangolo died, the sons fought each other, for each of them demanded his equal share in accordance to the will that the father had left behind.

The first son demanded his 50% of the 17 cattle, so did the second son who demanded a third of his share. That would mean that they had to slaughter one cow so as to ensure everybody would get his own share. However, a clever uncle decided to give these sons one (1) more cow so that they can share their inheritance without any misunderstandings.

They then shared the eighteen (18) cattle as follows;

  1. Half (1/2) of 18 = 9 cows
  2. A third (1/3) of 18 = 6 cows
  3. A ninth (1/9) of 18 = 2 cows

Adding these cattle together (9+6+2) = 17.  After all has been done, the uncle took his one (1) cow back.


The elders are always ready to help the youth through sharing of knowledge, sharing of wisdom and above all, sharing of history. The elders are always around to impart the non-academic knowledge, their unique life experience and their God given wisdom that will come in handy in the lives of our precious youth.

Elders see huge potential in the youth, and as elders, they will do their level best to ensure that the potential will come to materialize.  Take it easy my son, not everything is worthy a physical fight.

The post independent Namibia has put more and more emphasis on the development of the youth. The government has been building more schools, more hospitals, and more roads.

 They didn’t invest their efforts in developing cars or in building mansions, but rather, in making sure that the necessary basic infrastructure is in place for use by the upcoming generation.

Indeed, there have been delays in the implementation of these social programmes here and there, off course there have been perhaps some of our elders who were corrupt and greedy, but the majority of our elders had a common mission.

A mission to ensure that those resources that were available that time were/are invested in the “leaders of tomorrow”. Our elders have learnt life the hard way. Some of them couldn’t get the much needed “Western education” due to the political situation that was prevailing in those yesteryears.

Those who were lucky to get this education, they became experts in knowing the geography of the 30km radius (distance from rural home to the school).

 Those days, there were no roads that linked up the school to our homestead. If there is no road, it effectively means that all the people in that locality would have to use the mode of transport that the Biblical Adam had on his disposal.

 And remember, school had to start at 07:00hrs every day. The more fortunate ones had bicycles (those who were lucky to have brothers who worked in mines), and the majority became ‘long distance runners’, in the hot sun, rain or cold. That experience got our elders thinking, that experience made our elders realize that their offspring deserved better.

True to their words, today we have hospitals, today we have world class educational institutions, today we have roads and today we only use bicycles because of the too much cars during the rush hours. This is the sacrifice that our elders have done for us the youth.

This sacrifice was done free of charge, it was done as an inheritance for our youth, thereby according them a conducive atmosphere for them to excel. These are the wings that the elders had reserved for the youth to fly.


My heart bleeds for majority of the youth. The youth now pocesses everything, ranging from the much needed “Western education”, safe drinking water, smooth roads, have well paying jobs and peaceful environment for them to prosper. Today, the youth don’t have to share a room with his brother anymore (the elders have provided enough rooms for the offspring), they don’t have to share shoes and clothes with the brother anymore (the elders invited all willing clothing businesses to come setup shop in Namibia). The youth today are very fortunate and blessed; they indeed have everything for their disposal.

what does the youth do in return for this sacrifice? They are using the vocabulary they learnt from the “Western institutions” to insult the same elders. Their application of the intelligence gained from their studies is misplaced. They don’t use it to be innovative, they don’t use it to prepare for the next generation, and they think only of themselves and sadly most of them feels spending their time with the elders is unproductive.

 They don’t want to hear anything to do with the sad history of Namibia anymore. Hehehe, if the elders are talking to them on any subject, the youth quickly goes on their smart phones, appear to be busy pressing those buttons, leaves the symbolic grass thatched hut, and walks straight to the bank-financed cars. No word is said to the elders, no goodbye, and no nothing. The next thing you hear is that he has covered the 700km journey to the capital city in less than 4 hours. They will tell you that “I have been flying low”.

The youth are refusing to take the button from the elders; the youth are refusing to run their allocated distance before they too have to pass on the button to the upcoming generation.

The youth of today lacks WISDOM. Never mind my language, I am just saying. Everything that the youth enjoy today is because of the efforts of other people (who unfortunately are not appreciated anymore by the same youth they sacrificed a lot for). The youth now call their elders names, they now call their elders some unprintable words. They now feel they are politically and socially independent. They now have replaced the input of their elders in their lives with “Bill Gates and Steve Jacobs”.

This generation is worth being called the “PARASITE GENERATION”. Majority of them have nothing to show, save only for those bank financed vehicles and gadgets. They don’t innovate anything despite them having the necessary skills. Yes good roads have been availed to them, but they can’t innovate anything to drive on those roads. They cannot innovate anything for the good of the country. They sadly demand more and more material things from the same elders they don’t respect anymore.

Yes, they have the energy, yes they have the education, yes they have a perfect platform for them to excel but unfortunately they lack the necessary WISDOM. And guess what, it is from those elders where the youth can get this wisdom. Wisdom is not obtained from school; wisdom is not scientific or technical. Wisdom is the knowledge only obtainable through life experience, through encountering of hardships and development of strong hearts.

Wisdom is only obtained through humility and respect for the next person. Wisdom is a recipe for prosperity. Let us give respect to our elders. God has given them more and more years to live in order for them to ensure that the youth can benefit from their wisdom. Don’t think that they have reached this far through the works of witchcraft. They have reached this far because the almighty still want them to help pass on their wisdom to subsequent generations.

Parasite Generation will be your name from now until I see a change in your behaviors, and your appreciation for the elders that God have given you.  


The generation I admire the most is the focused generation of the 80s (NANSO) which knew its place in the sun. The Paul Kalenga generation knew that their role was to help the Jerry Ekandjo’s Swapo Youth League to articulate the intellectual front of the struggle without ridiculing them.

 They could engage the enemy literally at all fronts using the persuasive power. The hard core communist among that generation was Steve Katjiuanjo. Maureen Hinda & Co can attest to the fact that they were the last of the NANSO generation to be thrown into Windhoek Central Prison. The button was passed on to them under the leadership of Ignatius Shixuameni.

 A generation which was tasked with the mammoth task of knitting NANSO to Swapo Party Youth League. The rhythm was disturbed and both organisations have NEVER recovered to date. I can still hear the cry of Gabriel Shikongo Nuunyango in the four walls of Ongwediva College of Education. The echo is too much to handle at times. Unless you were for the real cause, you will NEVER understand, WHY? Some of them (heroes and heroines) died and perished right here in the Land of The Brave. At the right time, I should be able to expand on the same.

Nangombe da Ndadala The Villager