Tourist robbed and murdered in Zambezi Region

12 Jul 2015 16:40pm
KATIMA MULILO, 12 JUL (NAMPA) - A 34-year-old man was nabbed by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) on suspicion he robbed and killed a tourist at the Lianshulu Village in Kongola Constituency on Friday.
Another suspect is still at large.
The first suspect was apprehended by NamPol at the Chotto formalised settlement during the early hours of Sunday.
His name is withheld until he makes his first appearance before the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court on murder and theft charges this coming week.
Warrant Officer Lungowe Mapenzi of the Katima Mulilo Police Community Affairs and Public Relations Office told Nampa on Sunday that the suspect was found with items and an undisclosed amount of cash, which he and his accomplice allegedly stole from Andre Christian Maier, 42, before stabbing him to death.
“The suspect who was arrested this morning (Sunday) was found at a house in the Chotto settlement. During the police search at that premises, officers found one pair of shoes matching shoe tracks at the crime scene.
“Blood-soaked clothes were also found inside the house, along with some money and other stolen items. The suspect is also suffering from a deep wound, believed to have been inflicted on him during a violent fight,” Mapenzi said.
Narrating details about the incident, the warrant officer said preliminary information indicate that Maier and his 29-year-old female companion from Swaziland, were attacked while camping at a local lodge in the area.
The couple was apparently asleep when two men wearing balaclavas and armed with knives, tore open and gained entry to the tent they were sleeping in and kidnapped them from the lodge between 01h30 and 02h00.
The robbers tied the couple up and ordered them to get into the tourists’ vehicle, which one of the suspects then drove. The vehicle got stuck in the thick bush, upon which the suspects started searching the vehicle and found N.dollars 10 000 and Botswana Pula 300.
However, before escaping on foot, one of the robbers pulled the woman from the vehicle in an attempt to rape her but Maier managed to free himself and defended her.
“A fight then ensued between Maier and one of the robbers. When the other robber saw his friend was embroiled in a physical fight, he ran back, pulled out a knife and stabbed Maier five times in the stomach, chest and back.
“When the robbers saw that Maier was getting weak due to the injuries, they ran off,” Mapenzi said.
Mapenzi added that the woman, who was then partially naked, only managed to find help shortly after 06h00, when she unknowingly walked into the camp of the Namibian Special Field Force in the area. NamPol members at Kongola were then informed of the incident.