NCCI Northern Branch issues warning to business people

July 9, 2015, 12:05pm

NCCI Northern Branch issues warning to business people


  1. Dear esteemed members, recently our branch has been made aware of some devastating incidents where large amounts of cash were stolen from business premises and residents. Proper precautions must be taken to protect the cash, and to ensure the safety of the employees and customers at your establishment.


  1. Members are being advised that cash should be collected and stored safely using all available methods to protect the money and the safety of all those at your place of business.


  1. When collecting or storing cash, we recommend hiring qualified and trust worthy security guards capable of safeguarding all those involved in the cash collection process from potentially dangerous criminals.


  1. We appeal to the members to please make use of the safety of our Commercial Banks and other places of deposit such as NamPost, in order to store and access cash. The small price you pay to hold accounts at such establishments are well worth the protection of your capital and the wellbeing of your employees and customers.


  1. If you become a victim of theft or burglary, pleas report to the NCCI Northern Branch so that we can pass on the note of caution to our members. We must all be conscientious of the risks associated with large amounts of cash, and work together to make the Northern business community a safer place to operate.