Service tariffs go up in Walvis Bay

08 Jul 2015 17:40pm
WALVIS BAY, 08 JUL (NAMPA) - The Walvis Bay Municipality on Tuesday announced proposed increases in tariffs for water supply, refuse removal, sewage collection, and property rates and taxes.
The tariff for water supply goes up with 12 per cent, while property rates and taxes, as well as home improvements increase by the same percentage.
Refuse removal and sewage services increase with 10 per cent each.
Tabling the 2015/16 capital and operational budget for the municipality on Tuesday, management committee member Tony Raw said about 80 per cent of their revenue is obtained from tariffs on such services rendered.
“Considering the fast-growing town, large extensions in infrastructure are necessary, and these have to be recovered from tariffs. It becomes more difficult each year to balance the operating account, hence the proposed adjustments,” he said.
On water tariffs, Raw said, all residents pay the same amount for the first 15 Kilolitre (Kl) of water used - N.dollars 11. 10 per Kl. He explained that this is in line with the distribution costs incurred by council.
He said the implementation of the proposed tariffs will soon be communicated to the public once it is gazetted.
The councillor said the expected revenue for the new financial year is estimated at about N.dollars 351.3 million, while expected expenditure has been recorded at N.dollars 353.9 million.
He noted that the municipality therefore expects a deficit of about N.dollars 2.6 million.
Raw said some of the projects that led to the tariffs adjustment this year are the 20 mega litre reservoir; two sewerage pump stations; and a new sewerage treatment plant costing a combined N.dollars 180 million.
The capital and operational budget for 2015/16 is N.dollars 336 million.
Land development projects took a large chunk of this budget with N.dollars 171 million, up from N.dollars 134 million in the 2014/15 budget.