Ndeitunga commends GRN for new police barracks

02 Aug 2013 03:50
Trans-Kalahari Border Post, 02 AUG (NAMPA) - The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) has applauded the Namibian Government for the construction of police barracks at the Trans-Kalahari Border Post Police Station in the Omaheke Region.
Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga said on Thursday here that Government’s decision to avail the funds for the construction of the state-of-the art barracks is a clear indication of its commitment to help address the challenges facing members of the police force in the country with regards to accommodation facilities.
According to him, the new police housing facility will help motivate and encourage police officers to diligently and effectively improve their policing performance and other related duties in the fight against crime in the Kalahari Constituency in particular, and the Omaheke Region in general.
“The members of the Namibian Police cannot afford to pay exorbitant accommodation and rental fees. The construction of these police barracks is a step in the right direction taken by the Namibian Government in order to improve the living conditions of police officers.
We will build many more similar police housing facilities in other regions in the country,” the police chief promised.
Ndeitunga then urged all police officers who will be accommodated in the new barracks to jealously take care of it, and to guard it against vandalism and theft.
Speaking at the same event, the Regional Councillor for the Kalahari Constituency Ignatius Khariseb also commended Government for investing in the well-being and helping to improve the living conditions of the men and women in uniform.
A local construction company owned by the former Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Stephanus Mogotsi, was entrusted with the construction of the new police barracks at a cost of N. dollars 3 920 000.
The facility consists of dormitories, a modern kitchen equipped with three cooking stoves and refrigerators, bathrooms and a dining hall. It is situated along the Trans-Kalahari Highway on the Namibia-Botswana border.