Businesswoman strangled at Sauyemwa

July 6, 2015, 8:50am

Businesswoman strangled at Sauyemwa

A 38-year-old woman was found dead in her room at Sauyemwa location in Rundu and it is alleged she was strangled.

The woman was identified as Sarah Malima, 38, who owned and operated a boutique in Galaxy Mall in Rundu.
Police suspect Malima was murdered between Thursday night and the early hours of Friday last week. Her body was discovered by the deceased’s younger brother on Friday morning.

According to the police Malima was found naked on her bed in her bedroom.

“We are investigating a murder and we will find the culprit as my members are onto it,” said Kavango East police commander, Commissioner Johanna Ngondo.

Ngondo further urged residents to work with the police in order to bring offenders to book, as well as to report suspicious behaviour to the police or tell nearby people when someone acts supiciously and aggressively, even through texts, calls or other forms of communication including social networks.

“We should take care of each other by also asking our neighbours how they are doing and also look out the window to see movements at our neighbours, as that will help one way or the other in dealing with not only murder but also housebreakings and other crimes.

“People should make use of the police to report strange behaviour and crime. They can call or SMS the police in Kavango East Region on this number 081 1419877. Yes we do have a toll free number but that number is a national number and it might be answered in Windhoek. So 081 1419877 is the 24-hour police mobile number in Kavango East and people can call or SMS and will be assisted promptly,” said Ngondo.

In other news in Kavango East an elderly woman fell off a fast moving vehicle last Wednesday afternoon. She died on the spot.

The woman together with one relative asked for a lift from three men, not known by the deceased or the other passenger, who were travelling the same direction. They jumped onto the back of a white double cab Toyota bakkie with a canopy and asked to be dropped at Shamangororwa Teya, about 150 kilometres east of Rundu.

“We hiked the car at Shinyungwe along the tarred road and we were heading to the deceased’s place at Shamangororwa Teya where she stays and when we reached the place the deceased started knocking on the window for the driver to stop but he didn’t. Maybe he didn’t hear the knocking and she opened the canopy door while screaming out and she accidentally fell out of the vehicle. Everything happened so fast and then the bakkie stopped.

She wanted to take me to her place at Shamangorwa Teya village,” said the traumatised woman who was at the back of the vehicle with the deceased.

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