FAN announces appointment of new board

July 6, 2015, 8:25am

FAN announces appointment of new board

FAN is please to in form you that their new board of Directors has been appointed under the chairmanship of Perivi Katjavivi.T


The newly appointed board members were officially elected in May 2015 in their respective portfolios as stipulated below:


Perivi Katjavivi                       – Board Chairman

Marinda Stein                         – Vice Chairlady

Toucy Tjijombo                      – International Relations and Marketing Executive

Andrew Botelle                       – Treasurer

Abius Akwaake                      – Secretary and Industry Advocate

Moses Mberira                       – Regional Film Development Executive for Omaheke,

                                                Otjozondjupa,    Karas, Hardap, Erongo and Okunene.


Khama Nakanduungileh          - Regional Film Development Executive: for Okavango East and West, Zambezi, Oshana, Ohangwena, Omusati and Oshikoto.


FAN is Namibia’s sole film and video not-for-gain body, recognized by the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology through the Namibia Film Commission mandated to promote the growth and development of the Namibian Film and Video industry in all 14 regions and take it to greater heights. Thus, FAN is encouraging independent producers, film lovers and sympathisers to join forces through increasing the production of local content in the country. While on the other hand the board is constantly networking with its international counterparts to share and gain vast knowledge about the industry whilst tapping into the international scene.


The FAN Board is humbly appealing and urging all filmmakers in their respective expertise to become registered FAN members. In the same vein the board is working around the clock to locally venture with various ministries, parastatals as well as businessmen and women to help boost the industry since it contributes immensely towards the country’s GDP. Also worth mentioning is that FAN has spread its wings by introducing regional executives who will assist in developing films and videos in the regions as per our strategic plan.


FAN’s five year plan was adopted at its AGM on 25 April 2015 which will guide the board to steer the industry in the right direction. In addition a recent public consultation on the 2nd amendment to the NFC (Namibia Film Association) Act of 2000 highlighted the necessity of creating a formalized industry with practical solutions to overcome our current challenges and empower all participating industry professionals. The FAN’s five year plan as well as our constitution is available upon request.


According to the board chairman, Perivi Katjavivi, described the visit as a resounding success that not only will strengthen their relationship with the government but will also make the industry gain respect it deserves in the country and abroad. He further expressed his boundless gratitude on the warm reception from the minister while reiterating his joy on how the minister was very knowledgeable about the industry and shared great innovative ideas for the future with the board, quote ‘as an industry, we are blessed to have him as our line minister.’


Anyone who wish to get in touch with us or want to join FAN kindly contact the International Relations and Marketing Executive via email at, or visit us on,, P.O. Box 40731, Windhoek