Tens Driving School appoints Joel Archie Kalipi as Brand Ambassador

July 4, 2015, 4:34 pm
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A brand ambassador is the face and voice of an organisation. The brand ambassador not only sells the products and services but strengthens the appearance, values and market share of a brand. Tens Driving School, also known as TDS, recently appointed Mr Joel 'Archie' Kalipi as Brand Ambassador. Joel who is based in Cape Town, South Africa due to career obligations, was born in Oranjemund not too long ago. He has been in the modelling industry for several years, having participated in television adverts, magazine covers and billboards seen all over Africa and beyond. TDS continues to invest time, money and more time to be a market leader with an attractive website www.drivingschool.com.na and interactive Facebook page to advertise and collect customers' views. The creativity and hard work of the TDS team has, undoubtedly, contributed to making Tens Driving School one of the most recognisable and well reputed driving schools in Namibia.