New barracks inaugurated at Trans-Kalahari Police Station

01 Aug 2013 12:10
TRANS-KALAHARI BORDER POST, 01 AUG (NAMPA) - A multi-million dollar police barracks situated at the Trans-Kalahari Border Post Police Station in the Omaheke Region was officially inaugurated by Safety and Security Minister Immanuel Ngatjizeko here on Thursday morning.
The Trans-Kalahari Border Post Police Station is situated some 110 kilometres from Gobabis along the Trans-Kalahari Highway.
The police housing facility can accommodate a total of 21 police officers, and was built after the old barracks were destroyed in a fire last year.
The new barracks were constructed at a cost of N.dollars 3,9 million in order to help ease the burden of the police officers, especially those in lower ranks, who cannot afford high rental fees for accommodation.
The state-of-the-art building consists of the dormitories of the police officers, a modern kitchen equipped with a big refrigerator and three stoves, an ablution block and a dining hall. It was constructed by a local building company which belongs to the former Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Stephanus Mogotsi.
Speaking at the official inauguration of the barracks here on Thursday morning, Ngatjizeko reiterated Government’s commitment towards the daily challenges of housing shortages and a lack of proper accommodation facilities faced by the members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in many parts of the country.
“The construction of police housing facilities such as this one is an indication of the Namibian Government’s commitment to ensuring that the day-to-day living conditions of the members of the Namibian Police Force are taken care of. It is also an indicative of the systematic manner in which the Government intends to address infrastructural development across the country, including those needed by the police force,” he indicated.
According to the minister, the Namibian Government will through the Ministry of Safety and Security continue to ensure that projects like the construction of the new police barracks are implemented in various parts of the country’s 13 political regions. ”It is therefore my understanding that with the availability of this police housing facility, the police officers at the Trans-Kalahari Border Post Police Station will now be able to execute their duties diligently and effectively. I also hope that they improve service delivery to the community of the Kalahari Constituency and the visiting local and foreign travellers alike,” Ngatjizeko stated.
He then commended the NamPol members who worked under harsh conditions and who were forced to sleep in tents after the old barracks were destroyed by fire last year.
Regional Councillor for the Kalahari Constituency, Ignatius Khariseb; police officers from the Ghanzi Province in neighbouring Botswana; and various traditional leaders residing in the Kalahari Constituency were present at the official inauguration of the new barracks.