Harry planning fight despite outstanding test results

02 Jul 2015 19:30pm
WINDHOE K, 02 JUL (NAMPA) – Light heavyweight boxer Harry Simon and his stable Onkugo Promotion are planning to stage a fight in September for the boxer despite not knowing his fate in boxing.
Simon, Namibia’s most accomplished professional boxer who boasts an impressive curriculum vitae of 29 fight and 29 wins, tested positive for banned steroids during an international title bout in Windhoek in September 2013. He could be suspended from boxing if the final test turns out positive.
The Namibia Boxing Control Board has indicated that despite no feedback from the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) on the matter, the fight will go ahead.
Simon defeated Geard Ajetovic on points during that vacant International Boxing Federation (IBF) International Light Heavyweight title bout.
On Thursday, Onkugo Promotions, in conjunction with Kinda Promotions, announced at a media briefing that the boxer will step into the ring on 26 September.
Kinda Nangolo of Kinda Promotions said there are a lot of boxers who want to fight Simon and they are currently busy arranging for an opponent from Uganda to fight him for the vacant World Boxing Union (WBU) title in Windhoek.
“Harry was supposed to fight for the vacant World Boxing Organisation (WBO) or International Boxing Organisation (IBO) titles which are currently vacant, but due to a lack of funds we could not organise those fights.
“We are now calling on the Namibian nation to help with funds to host those fights plus the September fight,” said Nangolo.
At the same media briefing it was announced that in order to host Simon’s WBU fight with Joseph Lubega, well-known as Joey Vegas from Uganda, around N.dollars 3 million is needed.
Simon told the media that he is not in top shape, but said he will be ready when the fight is staged in September.
“At the moment I still need to lose more weight as our fight will require boxers to weigh at least 85 kilogrammes (kg). I need to lose 15 more kilogrammes and that can only happen if I get back to the gym in South Africa to get into shape,” he said.
At the same occasion, Namibia Boxing Control Board deputy chairperson Ellison Hijarunguru said Simon’s drug test is still with the NNOC and despite them not hearing anything from the NNOC, his fight will go ahead.
Approached for comment on Thursday, NNOC Secretary-General Joan Smit said they are still waiting for the results from the South African Institute for Drug Free Sports, adding that until they receive feedback they cannot say whether Simon's fight will be sanctioned or not.
On the night of the fight there will be six undercard fights, with Namibia's Anton Jaarman challenging for the WBU Welterweight Interim Title.