Bank Windhoek warns clients of Tax Return scam

July 2, 2015, 11:11am

Bank Windhoek warns clients of Tax Return scam

Bank Windhoek is cautioning its clients to ignore emails alerting them of a tax return confirmation.

The email with the subject line: ‘Confirm tax returns’, is requesting clients to click on a link and complete a ‘filing’.

The email is a fraudulent email and clients are urged to not to provide their personal details or click on any links in the email. If you are not registered for tax in South Africa, it does not make sense that you will receive communication or a tax refund from the South African Revenue Services. The same applies for any mail requesting you to do something for a reward such as lotto winnings, a money inheritance, foreign exchange transfers, UN or World Bank funds.

“If you receive such emails, please delete them immediately. Also do not open email attachments as there may be malware like key-loggers which will record key board entries and forward it to fraudsters who can then log into bank accounts over the internet. A client will only become aware of the security breach when money are being transferred from an account”, said Joseph Mafwila, Forensic Investigator at Bank Windhoek.

Below is an example of the fraudulent email: