Re-deployment of PSs not a punitive measure: PM

01 Jul 2015 21:20pm
WINDHOEK, 01 JUL (NAMPA) – Prime Minister (PM) Saara Kuugongwelwa-Amadhila says the re-deployment of eight Permanent Secretaries (PSs) is not a punitive measure.
Announcing the appointment of seven new PSs and eight re-deployed PSs here on Wednesday, she said Government has allowed for most PSs to remain in their positions.
Their appointment is effective 01 July 2015.
“People are not re-deployed because they have not performed to satisfaction or that they have done something wrong, or that those who are not re-deployed have performed better than others,” said the premier.
Re-deployment, Kuugongwelwa-Amadhila explained, is a normal part of any management system and is good to make sure that a person does not stay too long in one position.
PSs, she stated, can also get bored and run out of ideas or they are displaying strengths in another areas where they are deployed too.
“This person is good here but they are also showing actual good somewhere else, thus if swapped better results can be obtained,” Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said, referring to why some PSs such as the PS of Health and Social Services, Andrew Ndishishi remains an administrator of that ministry.
This, she added, was the consideration on the part of Government and not necessarily to punish or reward any of the PSs.
PSs are not political appointees and their appointments were considered based on their competencies and their experiences.
The PM also indicated that the term/title Permanent Secretary has already been changed and just has to be formalised into law.
“We do have amendments being considered to the Public Service Act. One such amendment is the change in the title of Permanent Secretary to a new title,” she stated.
“When this happens the new title would immediately apply,” she added.
Kuugongwelwa-Amadhila further said that PSs would be held accountable in terms of the performance agreements they signed, and the perception that they were there in those positions until retirement is going to be proven wrong soon.
“There will be evaluations done on the basis of benchmarks that are very objective and very clear. Those that can not meet the targets will definitely be held accountable,” the PM said.
Close to 11 PSs remain their current positions.
The re-deployment PSs are:
Malan Lindeque: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Frans Sheehama: Ministry of Public Enterprise
Peter Amutenya: Ministry of Land Reform
Alfred Ilukena: Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Service
Gabriel Sinimbo: Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development
Simeon Negumbo: Ministry of Mines and Energy
Kahijoro Kahuure: Office of the Prime Minister (Cabinet Secretariat)
Peter Mwatile: Office of the Vice President (Veterans’ Affairs)

The new PSs are:
Etienne Maritz: Office of the President (Executive Director - President's Private Office)
Moses Muarihungirire: Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Alfred Adriaan van Kent: Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation
Sanet Steenkamp: Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture
Bro Matthew Shingwandja: Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation
I-Ben Nashandi: Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare
Willem Goeieman: Ministry of Works and Transport