Teachers aid needy learners at Gobabis

01 Jul 2015 15:40pm
GOBABIS, 01 JUL (NAMPA) – Teachers of the Khoandawes Primary School, which mainly caters for learners from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, have pooled their resources to assist needy learners at their school.
The teachers of the Gobabis school bought various items ranging from school jerseys, shoes and socks to school uniforms for the learners, many of whom did not own such items.
School principal, Selma Dawids told Nampa on Wednesday the teachers decided to assist the learners after realising that many of them come to school without shoes and jerseys in the current cold conditions.
“We identified the most vulnerable learners who needed immediate assistance, and then divided ourselves so that each teacher is allocated a child to take care of. With a minimum contribution of N.dollars 100, each one of us were able to clothe a needy child,” she said.
Altogether 40 learners benefited from the initiative, with most of them getting new jerseys and shoes.
Dawids said their efforts merely scratched the surface, as many more learners are still in need of such assistance.
“We are not done. This was our first effort and more still needs to be done. As a parent, it is really disheartening to see learners walking to school bare feet in this cold winter.
“We need to do more for our learners as they are the leaders of tomorrow,” she said.
Dawids called on good Samaritans to assist the school through various donations such as blankets, scarves and other items that will shield the learners from the cold.
“We have noticed that some of these kids do not even have proper blankets to keep them warm at night as they come to school almost freezing from the cold. Please assist us in this regard with any donations,” she urged.
Depending on the number of donations received, the school intends to repeat this event every year.
Two parents of learners at the school also joined the initiative to donate to the school after learning of the work of the teachers.
The school employs about 30 teachers.